High Volume Public Facilities


In high-volume retail public facilities like airports, shopping malls, and office buildings, with hundreds or thousands of people walking through your facility every day,

For example, your carpet, furniture and textilespolished concretewoodmetal finishesnatural stone, tile or terrazzo floors can take a real beating. Corporate Care can even add protective coating applications to prevent staining or anti-slip surfacing for an added level of safety. Your brand is dependent on what consumers sense and see. It’s a competitive environment and you want to attract and keep them coming back. Your brand is all about user experience and how you promote that. Your public restrooms are the #1 most utilized space in your facility, more so than ever before now that most are equipped with baby changing stations. These areas should be crisp and odor free. The same is true for your entrances, food court areas, restaurants and coffee shops.

A proper predictive maintenance program is essential for ensuring public safety and maintaining a clean, attractive, and healthy environment. Corporate Care has the experience to handle your large facility effectively and efficiently, while you stay focused on other priorities.

Corporate Care has worked with managers at large properties for over 30 years. Our teams work in professional environments every day, and they have the training, the procedures, and the equipment to maintain your facilities.


It’s simple; if you install it, care for it. There is no better value in the industry than Corporate Care’s innovative maintenance systems. Our service results in longer life usage and a cleaner and healthier appearance throughout the year, all at a competitive price. And there is no better team to protect your investment than the professionals at Corporate Care; and for busy administrators, the right maintenance partner can make all the difference.