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Emergency Asset Services


Corporate Care’s CareForce offers emergency restoration and remediation services for water damage, fire and smoke damage and biohazards.

When disaster strikes, there’s no time to delay. As a Corporate Care client, you gain access to fast, efficient disaster remediation to get back to business as quickly as possible and minimize interruptions to business continuity.

To ensure we react as fast as possible to your emergency, we prioritize Emergency Services response for current Corporate Care maintenance clients as a value-added, on-call service. For our clients, this means:

Faster Time to Recovery: Corporate Care disaster remediation teams know your workplace, protocols, access points and have building access, leading to better spend control and faster time to recovery.

IICRC®-Certified: Our technicians are all IICRC®-certified to ensure remediation, repair and restoration is performed by-the-book.

Reporting: We track and report upon emergency damage remediation, which you can use to document recovery efforts and protect against future risk of claims and liability.

Guidance from Response to Remediation: As a dedicated asset restoration specialist, we can help guide you through disaster restoration, from first response to the final solution.

Class A Specialists: We specialize in servicing Class A buildings and high-value commercial real estate assets – which each have their own set of rules, regulations and best practices.

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