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Our clients value our ability to provide safe and flexible maintenance solutions for textile and hard surface finishes in the commercial environment. We increase the life expectancy of interior finishes, therefore providing a greater return on investment.



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  • I know our 16 year old carpet looks great today, not only because of the original construction, design and specifications, but because of our commitment to scheduled maintenance. My continued thanks to the staff from Corporate Care for their work in keeping the building beautiful!

    - Mary Knuff, CFM J.C. Penney Company
  • The addition of the interactive web site for reporting problem areas has added great value to our contract. Being able to pinpoint problem areas helps us stay on top of serving our tenants

    - Donna Palmer, Triple Net Properties
  • We have been able to postpone the replacement of some carpets through Corporate Care’s restoration process.

    - Cindy Piehl, Wells Fargo Corporate Properties Group
  • Corporate Care’s ability to respond to emergencies and unscheduled needs have exceeded our expectations.

    - Sam Sutherland, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Corporate Care has always taken great care of our carpet and stone flooring. They are very professional and eager to meet our standards and needs.

    - Mike J. Martin, Winstead PC
  • With today’s emphasis on sustainability, KPMG is proud to state that over the last 24 years Corporate Care has had a major impact on our ability to maintain our facility at the highest level of appearance retention

    - Gary Turner, KPMG