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Textile and Furniture Cleaning and Restoration

Restore not replace — and extend the life of your textiles

Textile cleaning costs for items such as modular panel systems, upholstery furnishings and wall fabrics is about 1% of the cost of replacement. Before you replace furniture and textiles in your building, consider a deep cleaning, restoration and maintenance program instead.

With an almost endless array of colors, styles and fabrics to choose from, furnishings and textiles demand an extensive knowledge of materials and the appropriate methods to clean and maintain them properly. Our IICRC®-certified technicians have the training and experience to clean, protect and extend the useful life of your furnishings and textiles.

Today’s workspaces such as conference rooms, break rooms and communal areas are in constant use. In addition to normal wear and tear, there are health factors to consider. Our technical teams use the most effective products and equipment to remove allergens and microbes, such as High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters to ensure a safer and healthier environment. We offer a variety of solutions from interim maintenance to total restoration. And we understand the parameters of manufacturer warranties and document our processes to demonstrate warranty compliance.

Keep your furnishings clean and safe and your people healthy, with solutions designed to restore your textiles and extend asset life.

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Professional furniture cleaning and textile restoration expertise

Our technical teams that execute asset care programs are IICRC®-certified in furniture cleaning and textile restoration best practices. We use low moisture solutions and advanced machine processes that deliver a thorough clean. Once your textiles and furnishings are restored to their original beauty, we’ll work with your janitorial provider to ensure their daily processes reflect best practices, warranty compliance and help to extend asset life.



In order to design a custom care program that ensures the best results and the best value, we evaluate of every square inch of your furniture and textile surfaces. That gathered data is aggregated into our asset condition platform. Then, in collaboration, we will define measurable asset appearance and performance goals, and align them with your budget goals to create a customized care plan that achieves your KPIs and budget control expectations.



Our data driven approach enables the design of customized programs that meet your assets’ unique needs. And our ongoing monitoring of performance data is how we calibrate care programs proactively when those needs change. The asset condition platform also offers benchmarking data so you can compare asset performance across your real estate portfolio through a single interface. And our convenient customer app provides 24/7 service transparency, tracking and more.



Professional furniture cleaning and textile restoration services for

  • Modular panels
  • Task seating
  • Lounge seating
  • Draperies
  • Office/conference chairs
  • Wall coverings
  • Theater seating
  • Airport seating

The cost of professional textile and furniture cleaning and restoration is about 1% the cost of replacement.

The benefits of professional furniture cleaning and textile restoration

  • Eliminate stains or dirty and dull appearance
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Eliminate allergens
  • Restore original beauty of furniture and textiles
  • Create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment
  • Improve occupant satisfaction
  • Extend the asset life of furniture and textiles


Check out textile and furniture cleaning before and after photos

We understand that your furniture and textile surfaces have maintenance needs that may change. By thoroughly understanding your space, and continually monitoring its performance, we are a proactive partner who is ever evolving our care programs to ensure optimized asset appearance, extended asset life and maximum return on investment.

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