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Terrazzo Restoration and Maintenance

Terrazzo Floor Care for a Lifetime of Performance

Terrazzo is a composite material comprised of granite, marble, glass or quartz particles and a binding component. Poured in place or precast, its two main categories are epoxy base and conventional mortar. Terrazzo’s unique timeless beauty and versatility make it a popular choice for flooring and even wall treatments. And though it is durable enough for use in heavily trafficked interior and exterior spaces, over time terrazzo floors can scratch, chip and crack.

As a material, terrazzo surfaces are easily cleaned, but they won’t retain a uniformly clean appearance without regular, preventative maintenance executed by terrazzo floor care specialists. Corporate Care’s technicians average 12+ years of tenure. And unlike most janitorial personnel, they complete ongoing specialized training in terrazzo floor cleaning, restoration and repair. This is critical because the use of improper cleaning chemicals, diamond grinding processes or even dust mops can permanently damage or change the appearance of terrazzo, and violate manufacturer warranties.

Preserve, protect and maintain your unique terrazzo surfaces with a warranty-compliant custom care plan.


Professional Terrazzo floor care expertise

Our technical teams that execute asset care programs are IICRC®-certified in terrazzo floor cleaning and restoration best practices. We use neutral pH solutions and advanced polishing protocols that deliver a protective and thorough clean. Once your terrazzo is restored to its original beauty, a specialized sealer is applied to retain its like new appearance. We then work with your janitorial team to create a terrazzo floor care plan to extend asset life while keeping polished terrazzo surfaces clean and beautiful throughout the week.



In order to design a custom care program that ensures the best results and the best value, we evaluate every square inch of your terrazzo surfaces. That gathered data is aggregated into our asset condition platform. Then, in collaboration, we will define measurable asset appearance and performance goals, and align them with your budget goals to create a customized care plan that achieves your KPIs and budget control expectations.



Our data driven approach enables the design of customized programs that meet your assets’ unique needs. And our ongoing monitoring of performance data is how we calibrate care programs proactively when those needs change. The asset condition platform also offers benchmarking data so you can compare asset performance across your real estate portfolio through a single interface. And our convenient customer app provides 24/7 service transparency, tracking and more.



Corporate Care professional terrazzo floor care and restoration services

  • Deep clean of floors using approved emulsifiers and return to pH neutral
  • Removal of traffic patterns with polishing protocols and diamond pads
  • Repair surface scratches, chips and cracks
  • Restore floors to their original luster or enhanced gloss levels
  • Apply penetrating sealers for protection and slip resistance
  • Apply specialty topical coatings where applicable for anti-microbial enhancement
  • Apply specialty non-slip coating

Our solutions restore your terrazzo flooring to like new appearance, maintain its original beauty and extend asset life.

The benefits of implementing a professional terrazzo floor care program

  • Eliminate traffic patterns that can dull terrazzo surfaces
  • Repair scratches, chips or cracks that mar terrazzo’s visual appeal
  • Restore original beauty of terrazzo surfaces
  • Improve occupant satisfaction
  • Improve safety with non-slip coating
  • Extend the asset life of terrazzo flooring


Check out terrazzo floor cleaning before and after photos

We understand that your terrazzo surfaces have maintenance needs that frequently change. By thoroughly understanding your space, and continually monitoring its performance, we are a proactive partner who is ever evolving our care programs to ensure optimized asset appearance, extended asset life and maximum return on investment.

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