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Protective Floor Coatings and Treatments

Preserve and prolong your asset’s appeal with protective floor coatings

Corporate Care offers a full-line of protective and anti-skid floor coatings designed for building maintenance solutions. These coatings include unique, semi-permanent, clear finishes that naturally repel away dirt and other organic debris. Cured film finishes act as a natural repellent to organic contaminants — including mold. This results in safer, cleaner floors that stay pristine looking longer.

Ideal spaces for the application of Corporate Care’s protective and anti-skid floor coatings include commercial and industrial facilities, corporate offices, healthcare and medical facilities, hotels and restaurants, airports, retail centers and shopping malls, school campuses, sporting and entertainment venues, and government buildings.

This knowledge of proper metal care is critical because improper techniques or maintenance products can cause corrosion or change the appearance of your valuable metal assets.

Do your floors just have the appearance of clean, or are they truly clean, safe and protected?


Professional protective floor coating and treatment expertise

Our technical teams that execute our floor coatings and surface treatments are IICRC®-certified in floor maintenance and restoration chemistry. We use the best protective floor coating solutions available based on your asset’s needs, usage and occupant traffic. We’ll even collaborate with your janitorial provider to ensure their daily cleaning processes reflect best practices, warranty compliance and help to extend the life of your flooring and its coatings.



In order to design a custom care program that ensures the best results and the best value, we evaluate of every square inch of your floor surfaces and floor restoration and floor treatment needs. That gathered data is aggregated into our asset condition platform. Then, in collaboration, we will define measurable asset appearance, safety and performance goals, and align them with your budget goals to create a customized care plan that achieves your KPIs and budget control expectations.



Our data driven approach enables the design of customized programs that meet your assets’ unique needs. And our ongoing monitoring of performance data is how we calibrate care programs proactively when those needs change. The asset condition platform also offers benchmarking data so you can compare asset performance across your real estate portfolio through a single interface. And our convenient customer app provides 24/7 service transparency, tracking and more.



Benefits of Corporate Care professional protective floor coating solutions

  • Unparalleled abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Increased floor durability and longevity
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • YoY budget savings and reduced opex
  • Mitigates mold and mildew growth
  • Improved traction and slip resistance on floor surfaces
  • Reduces potential occupant slips and falls
  • Eliminates need for waxing and buffing
  • Reduces restoration requirements
  • Crystal clear finish is non-yellowing
  • Highly resistant to common graffiti tagging
  • Achieve matte or gloss finish
  • Environmentally compliant

Improve the safety of your interiors and reduce the risk of building occupant slip and falls with Corporate Care’s anti-skid floor coatings.

We understand that your flooring surfaces have coating and maintenance needs that can change. By thoroughly understanding your space, and continually monitoring its performance, we are a proactive partner who is ever evolving our care programs to ensure optimized asset appearance, extended asset life and maximum return on investment.

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