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Metal Polishing Services

Preserve the Beauty and Brilliance of Your Metal Finishes

You’ve made a significant investment in decorative metal finishes and hardware in your interior space. The last thing you want to present to your building occupants and visitors is a dull, scratched or dirty looking elevator, escalator or any other visible metal surface.

Combining professional metal polishing services with your routine janitorial service results in a brilliant appearance and an extension of the asset life of your fine metal finishes. Our IICRC®-certified technicians have the training and experience to clean, maintain and protect your metal finishes including stainless steel, copper, bronze, nickel, silver plating, aluminum and more.

This knowledge of proper metal care is critical because improper techniques or products can cause corrosion or change the appearance of your valuable metal assets.

Avoid inefficient, laborious and expensive metal restoration with professional maintenance services that keeps your metal finishes looking like new.


Professional metal polishing services and expertise

Our technical teams that execute asset care programs are IICRC®-certified in metal finish care and restoration best practices. We use manufacturer approved metal care chemicals and processes for a safe and thorough clean. And once your metal finishes are returned to their original brilliance, we’ll work with your janitorial provider to ensure their daily processes reflect best practices, warranty compliance and help to extend asset life.



In order to design a custom care program that ensures the best results and the best value, we evaluate of every square inch of your metal finish surfaces. That gathered data is aggregated into our asset condition platform. Then, in collaboration, we will define measurable asset appearance and performance goals, and align them with your budget goals to create a customized care plan that achieves your KPIs and budget control expectations.



Our data driven approach enables the design of customized programs that meet your assets’ unique needs. And our ongoing monitoring of performance data is how we calibrate care programs proactively when those needs change. The asset condition platform also offers benchmarking data so you can compare asset performance across your real estate portfolio through a single interface. And our convenient customer app provides 24/7 service transparency, tracking and more.



Professional Metal Polishing Services and Metal Repair

  • Oxidation removal
  • Proprietary scratch removal that won’t damage surfaces
  • Surface stain removal
  • Removal of fingerprints, oil and grease marks
  • Removal of contaminants
  • Metal surface repair
  • Metal surface refinishing
  • Metal finish restoration
  • Metal polishing and buffing

Improper metal cleaning and polishing techniques can permanently damage the appearance of your metal finishes, requiring expensive metal restoration work to repair.

The benefits of professional metal polishing services

  • Eliminate dull or dirty appearance
  • Eliminate scratches, dents and dings
  • Restore original brilliance of metal finishes
  • Reduce the need for expensive metal restoration work
  • Improve occupant satisfaction
  • Extend the asset life of metal finishes

We understand that your metal finish surfaces have maintenance needs that may change. By thoroughly understanding your space, and continually monitoring its performance, we are a proactive partner who is ever evolving our care programs to ensure optimized asset appearance, extended asset life and maximum return on investment.

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