Metal Finishes


The last thing you want is to present a dull, scratched and dirty looking elevator, escalator, or any other visible metal surface. You have made a sizeable investment to ensure a healthy and productive workplace environment and Corporate Care’s maintenance specialists keep it that way.

No matter the metal finishes, Corporate Care identifies the factors needed to design a customized program to meet your appearance goals and budget. We provide:

  • Restoration & Refinishing
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Scratch removal by using proprietary processes without damaging the surface
  • Repair & Polishing

Don’t rely on untrained, uncertified cleaners to restore and maintain these surfaces. Improper maintenance and restoration services can permanently alter the original appearance of your metal finishes. Corporate Care’s maintenance specialists ensure that your investment lasts a lifetime.


It’s simple; if you install it, care for it. There is no better value in the industry than Corporate Care’s innovative maintenance systems. Our service results in longer life usage and a cleaner and healthier appearance throughout the year, all at a competitive price. And there is no better team to protect your investment than the professionals at Corporate Care; and for busy administrators, the right maintenance partner can make all the difference.