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Interior Water Damage Remediation

An Asset Care Partner and Water Damage Remediation Specialist

When water damage occurs in your facility, there’s no time lose — you’ll need immediate support from water damage remediation professionals to minimize damage, begin the water removal process, secure the safety of your facility and its occupants and mitigate disruptions to business operations.

Further, facility managers must plan beyond the initial clean up, treatment of water damage and restoration of business continuity. It is essential any lingering effects of interior water damage do not impact the physical environment or its occupants. This can include health hazards such the degradation of air quality from microbiological contamination. An inadequate clean up could result in future liability issues.

When interior water damage occurs, our IICRC®-certified technicians respond rapidly with advanced equipment and effective water removal techniques.


Interior Water Damage Remediation Expertise

Experienced facility and property management professionals will advise entrusting your remediation operations only to companies whose emergency technicians meet all IICRC® (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards for Class A facilities. Very few companies meet them all — but Corporate Care does.

Our technical teams that execute asset care programs are IICRC®-certified in interior water damage remediation best practices. We can treat and restore severely water-damaged surfaces in commercial interiors, from a single building to an entire corporate campus.


Rapid Remediation to Restore Business Continuity

Our expertise extends beyond immediate clean up, structural drying and odor control to include advanced reporting to demonstrate your EH&S compliance. And with our role as an asset care partner, we have the security clearance to respond quickly to mitigate further damage, restore your facility safely and safeguard your business continuity.



Corporate Care professional water damage remediation services

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Water intrusion detection
  • Deodorization and sanitizing
  • Clear, gray and black water removal
  • Advanced structural drying
  • Document and furniture drying
  • Mold and mildew remediation and prevention
  • Continual monitoring
  • Documentation to substantiate EH&S compliance
  • Advanced proprietary reporting

We monitor the restoration process and track moisture levels with our digital maintenance management system to document and substantiate your compliance.

What causes interior water damage?

  • Natural floods, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Overflowing or damaged plumbing
  • Sewage backup
  • Broken sprinklers, sinks or water heaters
  • Residual flooding from firefighting efforts

From water damage crisis response to the ongoing preservation of your valuable interior surfaces, Corporate Care is a restoration and maintenance partner. We are ever evolving to proactively solve client challenges — while extending asset life, enhancing ROI and preserving overall employee wellness and satisfaction.

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