Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Carpet is the second largest interior asset investment you will make!

Carpet is one of the most abused interior assets in a workplace. The Corporate Care System™ and approach addresses every cleanable square yard by first taking into consideration:

  • Manufacturer specifications and warranty
  • Installation date
  • Current condition
  • Soiling conditions
  • Wear patterns – foot traffic
  • Location and placement

Carpet problems stem from improper vacuuming, inadequate equipment, and lack of effective barrier matting.  This results in build-up of dry soil particles that act like sandpaper on rug fibers, which leads to excessive wear in high and medium traffic areas.  In addition, oils in the soil literally bond to carpet fibers, holding on to dirt and making nightly vacuuming less and less effective.

Proper planning and a tailored program that evolves as conditions change will keep it from prematurely wearing out and extend the useful life span of your carpet investments.

Endorsed by Your Carpet Manufacturer.

Corporate Care’s cleaning solutions protect the carpet fibers from rapid re-soiling. They also allow soil that does get trapped in the carpet fibers to be more easily released, making nightly vacuuming more effective. In the end, your carpet retains a cleaner appearance for a longer time period. That’s why most major carpet manufacturers recommend a Corporate Care’s preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of their carpets.

We Can Help from Day One.

With our extensive carpet expertise, we can help you before you even install your carpeting. Our consultants can offer advice as to what kind of carpet to install based on traffic patterns and environmental conditions. Carpet consulting may be more than you were expecting from your interior maintenance company, but that’s exactly the point.

You have made a sizeable investment to ensure a healthy and productive workplace environment and Corporate Care’s maintenance specialists ensure that your investment lasts a lifetime.