Quality Assurance System


Corporate Care’s unique QAS II is the most technologically advanced maintenance system available, tailored specifically to your textile cleaning requirements.  We begin by documenting the many variables that formulate a proper maintenance program – textile properties, protective finishes applied, previous maintenance, and office environment.  These factors are then analyzed against Corporate Care’s technical knowledge base of cleaning methods, to develop a customized QAS II maintenance approach specific to your needs.  Our knowledge base is built from a historical analysis of successful processes applied to various combinations of fabric and deterministic environmental factors.

The QAS II program developed for your organization may include several options:

Soil and Stain Repellent

Protects against permanent staining

Fire Retardancy Treatment

Surface coating application that retains building code standards

Anti-Microbial Treatment

To help in the elimination of odor-causing bacteria

Anti-Static Treatment

Maintains an “anti-shock” environment


Corporate Care offers expert consulting services for planning, developing, and implementing a textile maintenance program.  We maintain an inventory all the different types of chemical protective finishes. We match these against your requirements, ensuring that the appropriate finish is used as a part of the overall maintenance program.  All work is accomplished by thoroughly IICRC® certified and trained technicians.

Once your personalized QAS II program is implemented Corporate Care continues to monitor all maintenance, soil and stain treatments performed to develop a “history/trend” profile for your company, assuring that the most efficient and cost-effective services are provided, such as:

  • On-site or off-site service
  • Training of in-house maintenance staff on proper cleaning techniques
  • Periodic overall cleanings to ensure uniform appearance of textiles
  • Spot cleaning programs
  • Removal of soil accumulation
  • Mildew and odor removal


The same principles should apply to the textiles found in your offices.  With the advancement of fiber technology, construction and design, today’s furnishings rarely wear out, they “ugly out” from neglect and improper care.  Retaining a crisp, uniform appearance requires nothing less than professional planning and hard work.

Corporate Care can implement the program to meet any specific maintenance requirements dictated by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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